Vito Acosta

Huntsman Program Student at the University of Pennsylvania

St. Augustine Peru Service

Peru: The Mission

Every year, a group of students from St. Augustine Preparatory School travel to Villa El Salvador, Perú to do service for the community. We have built houses, created gardens, and taught English to children at the local daycare, Centro de Atención Integral Infantil,  Mi Pequeño Belén. We have grown close with the families of Villa and it touches our hearts how they look forward to our visit each year.

For our 2018 trip, in order to be able to pay for the costs of housing, transportation, and fruit trees, we raised over $1,900 from your generous donations.

We are extremely grateful and appreciative of your support. Thank you.



  • Plant local fruit trees in strategic locations around Villa
  • Expand previously constructed permaculture garden


  • Teach English
  • Share music, Play sports
  • Donate clothing, plants


  • Promote inter-cultural relationships that stay strong long after we depart
  • Educate the community on best practices to promote self-reliance

Internet, Phone, Television Connectivity

While talking with the daycare director, Sra. Loa, about the daycare's needs, she told me they didn’t have cellular service because it wasn’t possible to bring wiring to the building. When Mrs. McSweeny and I went to the local provider, Movistar, we discovered that a satellite could do the job. Using a portion of the money our group fundraised with your help, we paid for the installation and service costs so that they are now connected with telephone, television, and internet service.  Since we left, Sra. Loa has shared many heartwarming stories of how the children are enjoying the connectivity this enabled.